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Trading has been a remarkable trait of most "Nagarathars" from the age of "Pattinathar". So too trekking the path with the blend of Novelty, my son & founder of Meenu Surya Moudulers, in 1995 chose this career. As it is an Indian Tradition to get involved in father'sbusiness, helped me to gain experience from my grandfather, who did business then in Rangoon, Burma & south India., which by word of mouth I came to know from my father who himself was an expert in share trading. This bird'seye view made me a student of business & Administration, where-in I became the founder of Mookambigai Furnitures & MSM Industry.

In any business certain important criteria lays the foundation, here to my son & myself have laid the mile stones for quality, economy, transparency in dealings & fixed profit margin from the scratch. By making these ends meet we have developed from Manual, moved on to Semi - automatic & have now reached to fuIly Automatic units.

Customer references alone have been a major triggering support for our progression. We would be glad if a similar support is rendered in business promotion in future endeavaours from our Nagarathar Business Initiative Group.
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